A lot of folks talk about success but they don’t talk about the struggle it takes to get there. I would like to share with you the mindset born from some of my trials and experiences in the struggle.  It is easy to choose to move forward when everything is going well, but it is when we have been knocked down time and time again that it is most important to choose to win!  Lets explore this mindset together, “in the moment of the struggle” with examples from the darkest and greatest moments of my life, and the lessons I learned and apply to everything I do everyday.  Lets choose to win together.

I would like to share with you my life story, the struggle of losing my parents at a young age, then my grandparents as a teenager and the betrayal of my family. How these events shaped the decisions I made, and still make today.

I would like to share with you how far one can fall into the darkness and the fact that there is always hope to claim victory and what that looked like in my life.

Out of these trials was born A Warrior’s Mind, a unique presentation that covers some of my life and experiences and how they shaped this mindset. In it I focus on topics like, #1 What is your reason for doing what you do, and how passion changes the world.  #2 Taking action, and how it’s the power to create the results and future you desire.  #3 No fail mentality, and what never quitting means to me.

If you think this is something your Team would benefit from, I would love an opportunity to partner with you.

You have my word; I’ll show up and knock it out of the park for you and your Team!


Would you like a treat you business Team to something different, maybe you would like to put together something special for your “top producers” other than just another meeting in the board room going over charts, graphs, numbers, and new products.  While that stuff is important, so is adventure!

SilentShadow has unique opportunities that focus on Team building, mindset, and communication under stress to help even the tightest of Team become tighter and grow exponentially together.  Whether that is a day on the range with your Team learning how to shoot, move, and communicate. Or multiple engagements over a period time covering topics like, Passion, Self awareness, Strengths & Weaknesses, Communication, Relationships, Leadership, Teamwork, Living in the Moment, The power of taking Action,  What is your Reason, and Never Quit mindset.

Contact me personally to put together a package that is best suited for your Team.